Career Info

Choosing the right career is important for a student. Changing trends in the career and development of science and technology made the career selection highly confusing. In this scenario career guidance become an Integra part of the education system.

Career Info is an initiative by Team Incubation which focuses on the career development of the students. Through Career Info, we help the students to choose the right career based on their aptitude. Most of the students select their career on the basis of pressure from the parents or teachers. Using various social media platforms, Messages related to career development and educational opportunities, notification of admission of various institutions are given to students.

We also provide career counseling to the students. Career Guidance & Counselling develops a student’s competencies in self-knowledge, educational and occupational exploration & career planning. Specific inputs are given to the students regarding career choices mapped and aligned with their passion/interests.

Career Info helps the students to fulfill their career goals and serve as the bridge between their college experience and employment or graduate school, helping them apply what they have learned.