Together We Can

In August 2018, severe flooding and landslides hit across Kerala. It was the worst flood since 1924. Many people lost their lives and many were displaced. As an NGO, working in the educational sector, Incubation initiated a campaign ‘Together We Can’ to help students in the flood hitten areas.

The Idea of relief came from the students of Ansar Orphanage, Kizhissery. The campaign focused on preparing handwritten notebooks and other necessary school materials for the students. The 100-odd children in the orphanage sat down to copy by hand some 500 notebooks of social studies, science, English, Malayalam and Hindi from class 5 to 10 of the Kerala State school syllabus. Incubation volunteers scanned the best-written notes, turned them into PDF files and e-mailed to all those who had offered to help out. In less than two weeks, 10,000 handwritten notebooks arrived from Delhi, Pune, Chennai, Mumbai and other cities as well as from within Kerala.

This way the children would know who had helped them in their hour of need and instill a sense of responsibility, gratitude, and affection in them. On August 30, some 10,000 handwritten notebooks so copied were handed over to district education officials in Alappuzha and Wayanad, two of the worst flood-affected districts. In a week’s time, many of the children who lost their class notes to the surging waters will have in their hands notes written with care and love.