Happy Reading Campaign

Persons with visual impairments cannot read the standard print. They need the reading material (text books, magazines, newspapers etc.) in alternative accessible formats like Braille, audio book, large print or accessible eBook. ‘Happy Reading Campaign’ organized by Team Incubation with the support of Ability Centre, Pulikkal, Malappuram to support the digital talking library. ‘Urava’ Audio library is the library started by Ability Centre to help the visually impaired students. The library is recognized by District Library Council.

The Campaign started in September 2018 and finished in November 2018. More than 400 people across Kerala participated in the campaign. The campaign posters were posted through different social media platforms and e books where distributed through whatsapp. Students, teachers, homemakers etc.. actively participated in the campaign .The recorded audio files were uploaded through the Google drive.

Emergence of new alternative format like DAISY holds lot of promise for the print impaired community (anyone who cannot read standard print). Since these are digital books they are easy to duplicate and transmit. These formats contain features that provide a pleasant reading experience to people with print impairments.These formats have support for integrated audio, magnification, text-to-speech, image descriptions and much more.