Premier Entrance Preparation Program

Career has an inevitable role in an individual's life. Where to study is equally important as what to study. The institutional standard and quality determines the individuals attainment of academic qualification .

The major challenges of getting admitted to the highly prestigious universities is based on many criteria such as Proper awareness and orientation , availability of quality resources and materials , qualified mentors and ultimately the preparation to appear the exams.

One of the primary mission of Incubation is to promote higher education prospect. Premier Entrance Preparation Program (PEPP) was initiated to fill the void mentioned above.

At Incubation , we strive to perform and challenge the drawbacks face by the student to achieve higher educational prospects. We aim to provide quality and quantity through our programme, and ensure that all the students gain the skills required to excel in their life. Academic exposure and frequent follow up as well as practice and revision is just some of the services provided by PEPP.

Presently, we condcut PEPP for students for Higher Secondary, Senior Secondary, and for Under Garduate students in Psychology and Commerce. For more details and Registration go to